Nicole Scherzinger Birthday

For all you wild and crazy Nicole Scherzinger fans out there on the information super highway, don't forget about her upcoming birthday on the 29th of June.

And instead of sending old fashion snail mail to her fan box, just stop by her twitter page and with her a happy birthday.

Nicole Scherzinger Bra Size

I have a wacky question for all the Nicole Scherzinger fans out there in cyber land. What do you think the bra size of Nicole Scherzinger is?

This question has been a recent topic of discussion around my neck of the woods, and we have narrowed it down to either a 34B or 34C.

Leave a comment about her bra size and we'll get to the bottom of this heated debate.

Nicole Scherzinger Dita Sunglasses

Feast your eyes on this picture of Nicole Scherzinger wearing a dazzling pair of Dita brand sunglasses while looking phenomenal as ever.

Nicole Scherzinger really looks amazing with this style of over sized sunglasses, and just in case you wanna pickup a pair, the model name is Wonderlust.

They sale from around $300.

Nicole Scherzinger Shoe Size

Its amazing the type of information you can find out about your favorite celebrities nowadays, just now i was looking for the shoe size of Nicole Scherzinger, and bang, like 5 sites saying that her show size is 6.

Now if that isn't a modern day marvel, i don't know what is!

Nicole Scherzinger Height

I'm sure everyone and there cousin is wondering the height of the sensational Nicole Scherzinger, right? Well that's why we manage this blog here, to provide you with basic news and information about Nicole Scherzinger.

So how tall is Nicole Scherzinger?

Nicole Scherzinger is 5 feet 5 inches tall!

Now you know where to find all the Nicole Scherzinger info you would ever want to know. I love you Nicole Scherzinger fans!